A full suite of support services for your business

As your firm grows, Hawksford can provide assistance for your start-up or business's legal, marketing, operational, financial and project management needs. We work closely with each firm’s principals and key employees to understand their business model and the key drivers for its success.

Hawksford is able to support your business with:

  • Contracts & Agreements

    Through its team of legal consultants, Hawksford Singapore can assist start-ups with putting together templates and reviewing various contracts and agreements in a cost-effective manner. 

  • HR Management

    We assist start-ups to grow and prosper through the effective management and measurement of employees. Some of the services that we provide are, staff recruitment assistance, creating HR policies and handling of staff payroll.

  • Trademark Registration

    We assist start-ups with trademarking of their business name, slogan or logo.

  • Government Funding & Assistance Schemes

    We can assist start-ups explore and take advantage of available government funding and assistance schemes (e.g. Government-aided equity financing schemes, cash grants, etc), relevant to your business.

  • IT Advisory

    Our IT advisory services focus on your challenges to help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business agenda together.

Businesses we have worked with

Survival Chic

Survival Chic was set up in 2009 to help busy people enjoy Singapore more. Find out how Hawksford have been able to help them become a major player in the city’s cultural landscape from incorporating the company, to looking after their ongoing company administration since launch.

What they say

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Hawksford meets the needs of all types of businesses

Our services are designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises including start-ups and foreign companies. Our streamlined processes and our efficient use of information technology enable us to provide world-class services fast and cost effectively. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and local service which is backed by international knowledge and expertise.

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