Hawksford Payroll Testimonial- Modulyss

Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: Modulyss Representative Office 
  • Website: http://www.baltagroup.com/
  • Client Since: 2016
  • Business Type: Representative Office

Modulyss Representative Office - Client Testimonial - Payroll

We spoke to Mr. Frederik Ampe of Modulyss Representative Office to find out about his experience using Hawksford's payroll service. Modulyss makes high-quality carpet tiles, set trends and always aim to inspire. With offices around the world, with a sustainable approach.

1. What was the problem you were experiencing before you subscribed to Hawksford payroll services?

We wanted to employ a Business Development Manager, based in Singapore and had to ensure compliance of the payroll regulations in Singapore.

2. What specific features did you like most about Hawksford payroll service?

All went well with the service and we are happy with the support of Hawksford.
Accuracy, adequate timings and the personal approach make it a pleasure to work with Hawksford's team.

3. Who was your main point of contact and how did they help you?

Hamida Sultan really helped us out in setting up our Rep Office in Singapore and the EP application for our local manager. Now the monthly payroll administration through Hawksford runs perfect.

4. Would you recommend our Hawksford payroll service? If so, why?

Absolutely. Hawksford understands our needs and has the answers to my questions.

5. Is there anything you would like to add?

Besides the good help of the team of Hawksford, their GuideMeSingapore.com website also gives us a lot of information.