Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: Built Assets Management Services Pte Ltd (BAMS)
  • Website: www.bamzmart.com
  • Client Since: 2014

Built Assets Management Services Pte Ltd (BAMS)

Hawksford Singapore interviewed Mr. Stuart Arndt, Director of Built Assets Management Services Pte Ltd (BAMS trading as bamzmart), to learn more about his experience with setting up the business in Singapore:

What does your company do?

BAMS is a new global B2C and B2B online e-tailer established in 2014 and our aim is to provide our customers with an enjoyable shopping experience and the best value-for-money!

We strive to achieve this by offering products to our global client community at the lowest possible prices, without compromising on service and quality. Our customers will prosper by getting the best value for their money and our supply chain will be rewarded by benefiting from continued growth and prosperity.

BAMS core products are positioned at the mid to high end of the market in terms of both quality and price. Our product selection caters for a large range of customer demands and includes anything from electronics to beauty products, from home and garden products to sporting and leisure, etc.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

We are headquartered in Singapore in order to provide the best connectivity for our international customers and supply chain. Singapore is the obvious choice for any new global e-tailer.

How did Hawksford Singapore help you along the way?

Hawksford provided the initial advice on corporate structures available for foreign owners wishing to incorporate an entity in Singapore. This was followed through with the reservation of our company name and the incorporation of BAMS. They also assisted with the registration of our website.

We then required a bank account to be established and Hawksford facilitated the entire process on our behalf with OCBC Bank.

What has your experience been working with Hawksford Singapore?

The staff at Hawksford Singapore have always provided us with high quality professional corporate services and most importantly it has been delivered in a timely and courteous manner.

What are your plans in the future for your company?

BAMS growth targets for the next three years includes sales in year one of $3M followed by 300% compound growth per annum reaching $50M by the end of the third year. These projections are based on current growth rates of our main competitors and will be underpinned by strong commitment from our suppliers combined with our targeted global sales strategy.

Our objective is to penetrate the emerging markets which is where we see the biggest opportunities for expansion in the near future