Registered Address Service

What's the scope of registered address service?

Each Singapore company must have a local registered office: it is the 'home' of the company to which all official documents, notices and court papers can be sent and where all statutory records are kept for the company. In many other countries, it's also called as the legal address for the company. The address must be a physical location, not just a post office box. This is because people have the right to visit this office to inspect certain registers and documents, and to deliver documents by hand. It must be open to public for at least 5 hours during business hours.

Since we act as the company secretary and all statutory records of the company are kept in our office, most of our clients use our office address as the registered address for their company. Our registered address service consists of:

  • Listing our address as your company's registered address with the Company Registrar
  • Receiving incoming mail for your company and forwarding it to you as per your instructions.