Hawksford helps you mitigate the risk of cross-border financial transactions

Hawksford is available to quickly act as an escrow agent from Singapore to mitigate the risk of cash-based financial transactions, no matter what countries parties are based in.

Our escrow fees, agreements and the speed at which we can support transactions in Singapore, provides individuals and businesses involved in high value transactions across the Asia Pacific region with an effective risk management solution.

Key benefits of appointing Hawksford as your Singapore escrow agent:

  • Impartiality

    We are independent, so we will hold the assets and distribute them in accordance with the terms of the signed escrow agreement.

  • Ready to support in a matter of hours

    Because of the way we structure our escrow services, we have agreements ready to go,  bank accounts already open and a team ready to support. This means we can provide the assistance you require fast and cost-efficiently.

  • Escrow agreements governed by Singapore law

    Our escrow agreements have been put together based on industry standard terms to ensure fairness and consistency and are governed by Singapore legislation, which is known for its robust legal and judicial framework

  • Multi-currency accounts at a global bank in Singapore

    The cash assets we hold on escrow are held in our accounts at OCBC Bank Singapore – one of the largest global banking and financial service providers. This means you don’t bare the cost or time incurred in opening an account or concerns over bank stability. We can immediately act on USD and SGD transactions.

  • A name with decades of heritage 

    Providing wealth structuring solutions for more than 60 years, Hawksford is renowned as a trusted partner. With offices in Europe and Asia, we support entrepreneurs to multi-nationals corporations manage their businesses daily.

  • Cost-effective pricing

    We take a tiered approach to our fees that takes into account the value of the transaction. We also offer additional services as add-ons. This makes Hawksford highly competitive on price.

  • Other services to support the escrow agreement

    Hawksford is able to provide establishment and management of Special Purpose Vehicles for the purposes of becoming a party of the escrow agreement where multiple pay outs are required; establishment and administration of a trust for the same purpose; and bookkeeping and provision of accounting relating to the pay outs through a company or trust.

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Hawksford also support complex and long-term escrow requirements

As well as offering Singapore escrow services, Hawksford can also support complex requirements.

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