Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: Kineta Software Pte Ltd
  • Website:
  • Client Since: 2012
  • Business Type: Limited Exempt Private Company

Kineta Software Pte Ltd

Hawksford Singapore interviewed Mr. Manjunatha Bageshpura, CEO of Kineta Software, to learn more about his experience of setting up Kineta Software Pte Ltd.

Tell us more about Kineta Software.

Kineta Software Pte Ltd is a software services company that offers software development, consulting and staffing services. The founders of Kineta have been in the software business for over twenty years, specializing in offshoring IT services.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

We recognized the immense potential to start and grow business at Singapore. Of course, due credit should be given to Singapore’s business friendly processes, procedures and environment.

How did Hawksford Singapore help you along the way?

Singapore was a completely new business territory for us. Though we have worked here, we haven’t forayed into business initiatives. Hawksford Singapore made it possible for us to entirely focus on growing our business while they took care of all the formalities of establishing the legal entity. Hawksford Singapore, obviously being experts in their field, helped us meet all our business needs through excellent service and thoughtful inputs.

What has your experience been working with Hawksford Singapore?

Hawksford Singapore is a reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner. It has been a pleasure working with them. We recommend Hawksford Singapore with complete faith to anybody who intends to set up their business in Singapore.

What are your plans in the future for your company?
We intend to grow our team in Singapore by threefold of what we are today. We also want to lay the foundation for an outsourcing centre at Singapore.