Providing back-office support that lets The Music Parlour make music

See how they’re creating a community of musicians


The Music Parlour is a business that provides musicians with a recording studio and all the technical support they need to create beautiful music. 

They believe in working together with musicians to create something bigger than both of them, to create the music that can influence people’s lives. 

They’re building a hub that connects musicians across the country and becomes a platform for Singaporean music.

We’ve provided the back-office support they’ve needed to let them focus on their business.

See how Hawksford is helping The Music Parlour achieve their ambitions.


Case Study

What is The Music Parlour's ambition?

To bring musicians together and allow them to develop their styles and work together to create something new. And to bring Singaporean music to the rest of the world.

What did you need to achieve your ambition?

The technical help to understand how to start and run a professional business. We know music but we’re no experts when it comes to the financial and tax side of things.

How did we help you?

Hawksford helped us with everything. From incorporating our company in Singapore, to taking care of our business accounting and tax obligations, they were with us. That gave us the space we needed to concentrate on our job of helping musicians sound the best they possibly can.


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