Helping SilverDoor build their business in Singapore (and beyond)

SilverDoor was set up in 2000 to help busy business travellers enjoy a better standard of living. They make sure that apartments rented by business travellers are not just somewhere to stay, but somewhere to enjoy.

They have a portfolio of over 190,000 apartments, in 90 countries (as at February 2018) around the globe. They are excited about their growth in Singapore, and so are we!

Case Study

What is SilverDoor’s ambition?

To change expectations of the business traveller. They work hard and should be able to enjoy the finer things when they are away on business.

What did you need to achieve your ambition?

We needed someone to take care of the legal and administrative tasks, and leave us free to focus on growing our business. Once we met Hawksford we knew that we’d found a company we could trust to deliver. We’ve been working with them since 2016 - the start of our Singapore journey.

How did we help you?

Hawksford helped us from the very beginning. They helped us incorporate the company, handling all the legal requirements and deadlines. They’ve helped us with our admin from day one, and also helped Sophie Brinsley, our Asia Pacific Director, get her employment pass. Without Hawksford, we wouldn’t have been able to launch our company or have been able to focus on growing our client base.

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How Hawksford can help you?

We make it easy to do business in Singapore.

Our team knows the market, the regulations, and the legal and tax frameworks. So we can provide all the back-office support you need.

Every relationship with a customer starts the same way.

  • We listen.
  • We understand.
  • We deliver.
  • So you benefit.

By covering everything you need to get started, we let you focus on your business. Meaning you can get on with the important business of building your company.

And we’re there with you as you grow and need more support.

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