Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: Survival Chic Pte Ltd
  • Website: www.survivalchic.com
  • Client Since: 2009
  • Business Type: Exempt Private Limited Company

Survival Chic Pte Ltd

Hawksford Singapore interviewed Mr. Christophe Ferreira, Chief Executive Officer of Survival Chic Pte Ltd, to learn more about his experience with setting up the business in Singapore:

What does your company do?

Survival Chic (SC), the Lifestyle Membership, was created in 2009 to help busy expats and executives get the best of the city in their precious leisure time. SC Members enjoy two main benefits: 30% off at 50 top Restaurants, including alcohol & guests, and Complimentary & VIP invites, every day, to the city’s most sought-after private events. After moving countries and continents a dozen times, we realized that savvy global cosmopolitans with demanding careers needed a “Chic Survival Kit” – an insider guide to a city’s best food, wine, art, culture, and branding experiences.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

Here in Singapore, hectic work & travel schedules mean that busy professionals require a shortcut to the city’s best experiences, rather than having to sift through hundreds of event offers, restaurant choices, and so-called “guides” or “forums” that are actually just advertising in disguise. Survival Chic was the service the company we (the founders) always wanted for ourselves, but never found…so we decided to create it! The input of hundreds of fellow expats was a huge part of the creative process, as was an MBA year at INSEAD.

How did Hawksford Singapore help you along the way?

Hawksford Singapore assisted us through the incorporation process, and acts as our company secretary.

What has your experience been working with Hawksford Singapore?

We looked into a number of similar companies who could help us with setup, secretarial services, etc, and found Hawksford Singapore to be the most professional and prompt in their answers. Ever since we began working with them in 2009, we have found the staff overall to be friendly and efficient, and we have recommended their services to a number of our friends who have set up companies.

What are your plans in the future for your company?

Survival Chic has recently been approached by a number of corporates (banks, consulting companies, etc.) looking to purchase the Membership as a gift for their clients, or as a perk for their staff that also serves as a very targeted networking tool. SC is also looking at expansion into other cities, as many of our Members travel, move, or both. We get a huge number of requests for SC’s services in those other cities that our clients travel through, work in, or move to. Who knows where you might find SC next!