Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: Miradore Ltd.
  • Website: www.miradore.com
  • Client Since: 2012
  • Business Type: Subsidiary Company

Miradore Ltd.

Hawksford Singapore interviewed Mr. Kristian Jarnefelt – CEO of Miradore Ltd – to learn more about his experience with setting up the business in Singapore:

Tell us about Miradore

Miradore enables the efficient management of diverse IT environments. We provide IT organizations with a single dashboard view and remote access to a wide range of end user devices, including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, Symbian and iOS smartphones and tablets and retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

In addition to being a vibrant and fast growing economy, Singapore is the South East Asian hub for many companies. We too wanted to use Singapore as a hub due to its reputation as a country, where doing business is easy and secure.

How did Hawksford Singapore help you along the way?

Hawksford Singapore helped us to register the company in Singapore and provided us with the company secretary, book keeping, and payroll services.

What has your experience been working with Hawksford Singapore?

It has been a “turnkey” project, where they have managed all the details us needing only to submit very clearly defined information.

What are your plans in the future for your company?

We are on a trajectory of fast global growth, a very important part of that being APAC. We aim to create a strong foothold in Singapore, support our activities in Hong Kong from here, and later use Singapore as a base for expanding into other SEA countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea.