Guides to Managing Singapore Business'

This section provides useful information about operating a business in Singapore. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organised in categories below.

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Licenses & Permits

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Banking, Funding & Finances

Learn about opening a corporate bank account in Singapore including major banks, account features, account opening requirements & more.

An online guide to private equity financing for Singapore startups including venture capital & angel investments.

Debt financing is one of the options for first-time entrepreneurs, and this guide provides an overview of the various private debt financing options for start ups.

Learn about the various government assistance schemes for Singapore startups including equity financing, cash grants, incubation schemes, etc. here.

A comprehensive guide on Crowdfunding & Singapore Start Ups. Find out everything there is to know.

Private companies in Singapore choose to go public for many reasons. Our guide provides you an overview of steps undertaken to voluntary covert to public.

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HR Management

Online Guide to hiring staff in Singapore including Employment Act, key labour legislation, common practices and hiring local as well as foreign employees.

Discover what funding options are available to Singapore companies to improve the work-life balance of employees.

This guide will help you understand the basic rules & regulations governing employee termination & retrenchment in Singapore.

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Office Space Rental

This guide explores the different rental options found in Singapore, & gives you detailed information to help you identify the right type of office to rent.

Read this guide to short term renting office space for business in Singapore. Find out everything there is to know.

Read this guide to long term renting office space for business in Singapore. Find out everything there is to know.

Our online guide to renting an office space in the central business district of Singapore & nearby areas. Discover the area perfect for your business here.

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Trademark Registration

The purpose of this guide is to provide an Introduction to Singapore's Trademarks Act & Trademark Registration in Singapore. Find out more today online.

Our guide provides information on how to register a trademark worldwide under Madrid Protocol by filling the application through Singapore Trademark Office.

Does your business need a trademark? Discover & find out how to register for a trademark license for you business in Singapore today in our online guide.

A comprehensive online guide to Singapore Copyright Law. Read this introduction to copyright law.

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