Singapore Incorporation Guides

This section provides comprehensive information about incorporating a new firm in Singapore. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organized in categories below. You can also use the search feature to find the specific information you are seeking.

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Introduction to Incorporation

A concise summary of the business entities in Singapore. A detailed look at Singapore an LLC, Branch, Subsidiary and Private Limited Company.

If you are opening a new Singapore company, here are 13 important compliance requirements you’ll need to know.

Registering your business in Singapore? Here are 7 Singapore government agencies that you’ll need to interact with during the company registration process.

Registering your company doesn't mean you are ready for business. There are still many operational and legislation matters that need to be looked into. Find out more about what you need to consider in this three-part series.

Find out what are some of the common operational requirements you will need to consider after you have set up your company.

So, you have incorporated your business and are ready to get started. However, a company is not automatically ready to start doing business once its formed. Most businesses will have to address operational matters like work passes, staffing, office space and accommodation as well as business licensing.

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Why Singapore?

Despite its small domestic market, Singapore’s economy is ranked as the world’s second most open economy. It is also one of the most stable.

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Foreign Company Registration

Looking to incorporate or expand your business to Singapore? Depending on your business objectives, here are some options that you can consider.

Understand the differences between setting up a branch office, subsidiary company, or a representative office and which one is most suited for your company setup in Singapore.

Find out more about registering a branch office in Singapore including the requirements and procedures for setting up the company, setup timeline and other compliance matters.

For foreign companies who have set up a branch office in Singapore, here's an overview of the annual statutory compliance requirements that may apply to you.

Learn about how to register a subsidiary company in Singapore, plus understand the taxation, annual compliance & filing requirements with GuideMeSingapore.

Foreign companies looking to explore opportunities in Singapore or around the region may consider the option of setting up a Representative Office (RO). Find out the scope of business activities, registration criteria and process of setting up a RO.

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For First Time Entrepreneurs

Learn about key advantages of incorporating in Singapore, in our Entrepreneur's Guide including why setting up properly & timely is key to venture success.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur setting up your company in Singapore, it may be worthwhile for you to know about the nature of shares, different share classes and the rights that each type of share class holds.

Our Online Guide provides answers to questions you may have on Incorporating a Singapore Company for the 1st Time. Discover & learn more online today.

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Other Business Entity Types

In this part, we talk about matters that are crucial to the post-registration survival of such an organization including fund-raising, publicity & more.

Do you need to set up a Sole Proprietorship in Singapore? Learn everything you need to know here in our online guide providing information on registration.

Learn about setting up a Limited Liability Partnership in Singapore including LLP registration requirements, key facts, advantages, disadvantages & more.

Learn the difference between LLC, LLP, and Sole Proprietorship in Singapore & how to choose the structure that is most suitable to set up your business.

Find out the provisions for converting your sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company into a Private Limited Company in Singapore.

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Forming an Offshore Company

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) have been synonymous with offshore company setups for the past three decades. If you are looking to register your company in the BVI, here’s what you need to consider.

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